Chairman’s Profile


The company s.d.electricals   is established in 1965 by former engineer Shri Shajruddin in order to meet the growing demand on quality Electricals/Electronic/Mechanical instrumentation in industry and in the education field.

By the Sixties, Shri Shajruddin realizes that there is a great demand for equipment and instrumentation designed, aimed and made specifically for education. From these considerations, we have in 1964 the first electronic bench, equipped with all the required power supplies for the experiments of an electronics course.

Then, immediately after, in 1968, Shri Shajruddin releases the first complete electrical machines laboratory: benches, power supplies, motors and all the necessary accessories.

In 1972 Shri Shajruddin sees its efforts rewarded by an important export contract and provides and installed lab their,Thanks to this first and significant experience, in the Seventies Shri Shajruddin significantly increases the number of employees and starts exporting its laboratories worldwide. In the Eighties, Mr. Shahabuddin gets full control of s.d.electricals and set up first factory tronica city industrial estate 2001 and now its manufacturing units are 5 their, thanks to an important re-organization and administrative effort, s.d.electricals consolidates its domestic market and starts its global expansion.

Ever since, Shahabuddin establishes other independent companies, that share the same objectives and are guided by the same strategy; nowadays, we might say that the s.d.electricals is one of the most important industrial and commercial realities in the technical and vocational training field. In the year 2000, s.d.electricals obtains the ISO 9001:2008 certification, regularly updated according to the next versions, up to the current OHSAS 18001:2007.
In 2012, s.d.electricals celebrates its 50th anniversary and in 2012 obtains also the ISO 14001:2004 certification, that guarantees a correct environmental management.

Nowadays, as for over sixty years, with a large number of products in its catalogues and worldwide installed laboratories, s.d.electricals.

continues its commitment to design and manufacture high-quality didactic systems by Electron